Axigen Linux Mail Server

Mail server, calendaring & collaboration

Manage your email, organize and share calendars, sync your mobile, all based on this secure Windows or Linux mail server. The perfect answer for businesses of all sizes.



A collaborative Linux mail server that fits you

Axigen is quite knowledgeable — out of the many hats it wears, take a peek inside and choose what fits you.



Next level Web clients

Manage your email and get stuff done easily with calendars, tasks or notes. Enjoy desktop usability in your browser via keyboard navigation and shortcuts, drag-and-drop, “live” email list view, frequent folders, email filters, out-of-office messages, individual blacklist / whitelist.


Simply in control

Manage day-to-day server operations via Axigen’s comprehensive WebAdmin — designed for optimized navigability, with quick links and contextual help. Automate your Linux mail server’s administration and provisioning using the Command Line Interface (CLI).


Business Email, Calendaring Collaboration

The full benefits of email communication & collaboration, integrated in a smart & secure solution based on a powerful mail server for business.

Business-class Messaging

Powerful technology at your service…

Axigen’s high-performance mail server technology is specifically built to provide you with fast secure email communication (via Axigen SmartProcessing™ & Axigen GrowSecure™), while ensuring effective space management (via intelligent Axigen UltraStorage™).

…adapted to work the way you do

Available on both Windows Linux OS, the Axigen messaging solution for business adds to this powerful technology just the right touch of everything: email, calendaring & collaboration, all backed-up by efficient 24×7 technical support.


Calendaring Collaboration

Schedule meetings organize tasks

Organize your business with effective time-management tools such as personal public calendars, tasks notes, available from WebMail, MS Outlook iCal (Webcal) compatible clients.

Assign dedicated public folders for your teams & allow them to view your availability (Free / Busy) status.

Share delegate

Share personal email & calendar folders, contacts, appointments & tasks with co-workers. Reserve common company resources, such as meeting rooms & projectors.

Delegate calendar / message replies – when out of the office, allow a replacement to confirm meetings, read & send emails in your name.


Local Remote Access

Native connectivity with MS Outlook

Communicate using MS Outlook, while taking full advantage of Axigen’s calendaring & collaboration – via our Outlook Connector (including offline work, advanced search & filters etc).

Ajax “Refreshless” WebMail with desktop-like usability

Offers you keyboard navigation & shortcuts, drag-and-drop, “Live” email list view, frequent folders, email filters, out-of-office messages, individual Blacklist / Whitelists.

Mobile WebMail interface

Access your WebMail account from mobile devices with Internet access to check emails, compose / delete messages, set permissions on folders & much more.

Other POP / IMAP desktop clients

Alternatively, send & receive emails from many other popular POP3 / IMAP email clients, such as Mozilla Thunderbird or Apple Mail.

Brandable & localized standard WebMail interface

A fast & friendly web interface, with HTML email composer, temporary email addresses (account aliases) & RPOP connections.

Easily brandable & localized in your native language (over 20 languages available1), with several skins to be used at the end-user’s choice.




Mobile Access Technologies and Devices

Push email, calendars and contacts sync

Microsoft® Exchange ActiveSync® compatible devices such as Apple iPhone or iPad / Android smartphones and tablets / all Windows Mobile devices.

Push email

IMAP idle compatible devices

IMAP / POP3 access

IMAP / POP3 compatible devices

Contacts sync

CardDAV compatible devices

Mobile WebMail

Virtually any smartphone or tablet

Older BlackBerry and Nokia handsets

Through the AstraSync™ or the NotifySync™ client


Extensive Security Toolset

Multi-layer security

The Axigen mail server guarantees secure reception, transit & delivery of email. Protect your confidential data with an extensive set of defensive tools, including:

+ Authentication & Encryption

+ Multi-layer Access Control (firewall-like rules)

+ SPF & DomainKeys Compliance

+ Blacklisting / Whitelisting / Greylisting

+ Country Filtering, DNS Checks & Blacklists

+ Identity Confirmation System

+ Message Acceptance / Sending Policies

+ Anti-Impersonation & Password Expiration Policies

AntiVirus AntiSpam integration

For extra email protection, you can extend Axigen’s standard ClamAV & SpamAssassin3 defensive tools by integrating any of the available commercial Antivirus & AntiSpam apps.

Extra security add-ons

Kaspersky AntiVirus & AntiSpam Get premium defense with the embedded Kaspersky AntiVirus Kaspersky AntiSpam.

CYREN Prevent spam outbreaks the minute they occur with CYREN Real Time AntiSpam.






Effortless Administration

Web Administration console

With web-based administration front-end, set-up is a breeze and maintenance simple & straightforward. Configure service specific parameters through Axigen’s comprehensive Web Administration interface designed for optimized navigability, with quick links & contextual help.

Automated operations via CLI & directory sync

Automate administrative & provisioning tasks using the Command Line Interface. Optimize processes & save time when making record changes by LDAP directory (OpenLDAP / Active Directory) sync with the Axigen mail server.

Backup & archiving

Full / partial restores, offline & online backups, access from more than one location via the Back-up & Restore module.

Meet regulatory compliance requirements of major international standards through integration with third-party archiving applications5. Learn more

Account classes

Create different classes (groups) of accounts, with different service levels (such as allowed services, message size quota, filters applied etc).