Kaspersky Endpoint Security

The leading multi-layered endpoint protection platform, based on true cybersecurity technologies

Fully securing every endpoint against every form of advanced cyber-threat is critical. Traditional antivirus protection is nowhere near enough. Only through employing a cutting-edge security platform including machine learning for dynamic and static detection, while adopting a multi-layered approach, can you hope to fully protect every single endpoint within and beyond your perimeter.

Based on unequalled sources of real-time threat intelligence, our technologies continually evolve to protect your business from even the latest, most sophisticated threats, including zero-day exploits. By aligning your security strategy with the world leaders in advanced threat discovery, you are choosing to adopt best of breed endpoint protection, now and in future.

Unprecedented proven protection for all forms of endpoint

Our advanced protection technologies secure enterprise organizations and their IT infrastructures, however complex, including every endpoint, from physical and virtual desktops and servers to mobile devices.

Behavior analysis using Machine Learning to protect your business

Our solution uses Machine Learning based on both static and dynamic data technologies. This is how we protect you even from future threats.

Powerful Global Threat Intelligence

All our technologies are powered by our proven Global Threat Intelligence. We have made more APT discoveries than any other security vendor, so we have an unequalled understanding of the nature of modern threats, and can help you to better protect against them.

Automatic real-time response

At the instant a threat is detected, the system will automatically roll back any changes the malware has already instigated, as detected by our dynamic behavior monitoring engine.

Continuous dynamic protection from zero-day threats and exploits

Automatic Exploit Prevention has been developed to prevent cybercriminals from targeting application vulnerabilities on protected machines. Automated Patch
Management adds a further layer of security.

FIPS 140-2 Certifed Data Protection

Powerful, user-transparent encryption fully secures confdential and sensitive data on the move, on portable devices and at rest.

Reliable protection against ransomware

Keep your data safe, avoid funding cybercriminals through ransom payments and protect shared folders from advanced crypto-lockers with our anti-ransomware technologies.

A lower TCO and a higher ROI through unifed & centralized management

Manage multiple platforms and all endpoint devices from the same console – increasing visibility and control with no additional investment in software, equipment or human resources.


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