Sangfor IAM (Internet Access Management)

Sangfor IAM has comprehensive authentication methods with the most powerful bandwidth management. It also has personalized analytics reports to create business value from user online data. With its Rich value added services, it can transform the IT department into a revenue generating center.


Total Control of Your Bandwidth

  • Granular Application Control
  • Deep Traffic Inspection
  • Intelligent P2P Identification and Control
  • Flexibel BM for International & Domestic Traffic
Smart Billing Solution
Help You Generate New Revenue Thtough Yout IT Dept.

  • Reduce Bandwidth Consumption
  • Improve User Experience
  • Continuous Profit
Anti-Proxy Feature
The Ideal Solution to Block Unwanted Proxy Tools and Ensure the Work Productivity of Users.

  • Protect Your Network from Access to Unauthorized Website
  • Reduce the Risk of Information LEakage & Untraceability

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NGAF Firewall Platform

Web Application Firewalls and Internet Security Solutions

Network Security is a vast subject with many dierent definitions and opinions according to each security expert. For many, Network Security could be defined as a protection to unauthorized access to files and directories on a computer and often referred to an Anti-Virus. Traditional security solutions will not give you any visibility of users, trac and IT assets. There won’t be any real-time or post-event detection of network threats. Lower performance for Application Layer Security (also known as L7) will also allow more attacks to happen.

For Sangfor, our concept of Network Security is going much more further to provide a complete & comprehensive solution to protect our users against all type of threats, no matter if its internal or external, existing or future threats. As your Security Guard to the Future, Sangfor’ s concept of Network Security is following four fundamentals points that are at the core of our market strategy:


Product Models


Sangfor WANO (WAN Optimization)

Sangfor WANO (WAN Optimization) can be deployed in the WAN gateway of data centres and branch offices. Through traffic reduction, stream compression, stream cache, protocol acceleration and other leading technologies, Sangfor WANO can cut up to 70% of redundant traffic, reduce packet loss rate to below 1%, save 50% of link costs and improve application speed by 3-10 times to achieve huge improvement for application performance & WAN speed.


Product Models